Timeless Community

We’re not defying age. We’re redefining it.

The Timeless Community is here.

What is the

Timeless Community?

We are a membership community committed to reframing aging, fostering social connections, and delivering unique benefits through shared passions, interests, and aspirations of people 50-plus.

Who are the

Timeless Community members?

We are like-minded athletes, adventurers, wellness seekers, and motivators who’ve lived a lot and know a lot. We are inspired by each other and united by our passion for continuing a life of adventure and well-being at any age.

What are the benefits and perks of joining the Timeless Community?

Members-Only Community

Meet people like you who are changing how the world sees them, no matter their age, and join the adventure.

Exclusive Member Perks

You’ve earned VIP status through life experiences. Now, you can live like a VIP and save time and money by checking here first for curated products at discounts you’ll love, vetted personal coaches to help you reach your goals, and rewards for living fully.

Trusted Recommendations

What we put up with at 20, we wouldn’t dare do at 50-plus. Easily find curated recommendations and reviews from like-minded adventurers, wellness seekers, and life learners like you across products, treks, and gear that suit your style.

Member Challenges

Be propelled by the energy of the Timeless Community and the challenges that offer accountability, connection, and motivation to explore, try and do more on your journey of adventure and well-being.

Member Conversations, Events, and On-Demand Classes

Our stories are where we see ourselves. Enjoy hearing the journeys of others, connecting through special events, and moving in all the right ways when you need that extra push.