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Featured Partners

We invite you to explore these Timeless vetted partners.

We have enjoyed working with, consuming, and experiencing them all and making them a part of our lives.  

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Breathwork with Brooks Betts

Breathwork + Meditation are long-studied practices with proven benefits supporting physical and emotional well-being. These tools help us connect with our body’s cues and emotions for deeper clarity and healing. brooksbetts.com

Timeless members save $25 on 1:1 Virtual Breathwork + Meditation. 

When booking, use code:  TIMELESS25


The Word Factory

Writing a book? Working on a business pitch? Just want to be a better writer? An award-winning journalist and author, Margot’s research-based, strengths-focused approach will make you a more effective communicator.

Timeless Community members receive 20% off a rapid review from Margot.

When booking, use code:  COACHME


Get Fit with Jeff

The mental and physical health benefits of movement are immense.  Yet, showing up for yourself can often be harder than it seems.  Enter Jeff Marshall.  Jeff is a personal training fitness, wellness, and nutrition coach who lives his passion for well-being at the intersection of mind, body, and spirit.  

Book a one-on-one virtual training session with Jeff for 30, 45, or 60-minutes.

Timeless members receive exclusive rates by booking here.


Coach Madalene

Enjoy the luxury of a personal trainer in the convenience of your own home with the Coach Madalene Fitness App!  Whether you prefer at-home workouts, full-gym workouts, or a quick 40 minute sweat, these video guided exercises will deliver a strength training program designed to meet you where you are, and lead you to where you want to be!

TIMELESS members receive 50% off app subscription for life.

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Redhead Hot Sauce

Redhead Hot Sauce is a woman-owned small-batch hot sauce company – and we also offer a Bloody Mary Mix!  There are three unique, spoon-able hot sauces to try: our original Redhead Hot Sauce, Fig and Chile Sauce, and Chile Cherry Hot Sauce. Enjoy with a sense of adventure!

Timeless members enjoy a 10% discount on orders of $50 or more

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