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We’re a membership community for midlifers and beyond who live healthy, adventurous, and rewarding lives like you. We wanted to create a positive space for inspiration, motivation, recommendations, and social connection among those we relate to most – free from people who think we are past our prime, which couldn’t be further from the truth. We wanted to show the world how we are living, what midlife can be, and share our stories of how we’re doing it. We couldn’t find a space exactly like we wanted, so we created Timeless. We’ve made celebrating your passions easier by connecting you to a community you can trust.

Consider the Timeless Community your new bff who likes everything you do. We help you connect with other like-minded midlifers, find and share your favorite sports and fitness goals for longevity, travel adventures, and wellness interests, and share the tips, tools, and experiences to keep you motivated. We’re not just a community; we’re your Timeless Team.

We created the Timeless Community for midlifers who are redefining what it means to age. We believe age is a mindset, and a number doesn’t define who we are. So if you’re tired of being judged because of your age and you are crushing it in life, or just hitting your stride, and are interested in connecting with fellow ageless companions, this is the place for you. Can’t find fitness programs tailored to your needs, gear you like, or travel adventures suited to your tastes? We’re here to help. How do we know you’ll like it? You told us so.

As a Timeless Community member, you’ll receive access to our curated community of vetted coaches, product recommendations, travel partners, and on-demand fitness and wellness classes. You’ll also receive exclusive access to like-minded community members around health and wellness interests that matter to you most. You can create a Timeless Team, participate as a Timeless Team member, or just peruse the discussion boards for information and inspiration.

Nothing! Once you become a Timeless Community member, you will have full access to everything within the membership area, including our Timeless Teams social circles. Timeless Teams are positive spaces for community members like you to connect with friends and share health and wellness information, adventure travel tips, gear and product recommendations, and more.

A Timeless Community membership is priced at $XXX / year or XXX.

Yes, of course. We offer a 14-day trial period to interested midlifers who want to see what we’re all about. We think you’re gonna love it.

Of course! Connecting with friends old and new is what we’re all about. For each friend that joins, you’ll get $XXX off your next purchase with Timeless. Even better, when your friend becomes a member, they’ll ALSO get $XXX off their first purchase with Timeless. Now, that’s what we call team building.

Not yet, but it’s coming! Be the first to know when the app is ready by joining the waitlist here.

We’d love to hear from you. You can contact us anytime at