Gearing Up: Mountain Biking Essentials, Equipment, and Expert Advice

Mountain biking is a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. It can improve cardiovascular health, build strength and endurance, and better your balance and coordination. Investing in high-quality, individualized mountain biking equipment and gear is a wise choice that can help you stay safe and comfortable and perform your best on the trails.

Getting the Right Gear

1. The Foundation: Mountain Bikes

Choosing a good-quality mountain bike designed for your skill level and intended use is essential. Several factors must be considered when buying a bike, including frame material, suspension, wheel size, and pedals. The frame material can affect the weight and durability of the bike, with aluminum and carbon fiber being popular choices. The purpose of bike suspension is to dampen the roughness of the terrain, providing the rider with a smoother, more controlled ride. Full-suspension bikes are great for technical trails with many obstacles, while hardtail bikes are better for smoother, faster rides. Wheel size can also affect the bike’s performance, with larger wheels providing better traction and handling. In addition, bikers also need to consider the pros and cons of flat pedals vs. clipless pedals for their trail experience.

Brands like Specialized, Trek, Yeti Cycles, and Santa Cruz offer a range of mountain bikes to suit different needs and budgets.

Yeti bikes are a top choice for Colorado mountain biker and self-proclaimed “gearhead” Craig Cox. “Yetis are the best due to the build quality, and I love that they are also a local company. You just can’t beat them.”  Yeti, based in Golden, Colorado, has created some of the world’s most innovative mountain bikes for over 35 years.

Avid mountain biker Carol Hruby’s favorite bike brand is Santa Cruz. “I’ve ridden a Santa Cruz Tallboy bike for years. The bike’s geometry fits me well, and it performs on various terrain.” Santa Crux Bicycles, founded in 1994 in California, is committed to rider support, offering lifetime warranties, bearing replacements, and customer support on all bike models.

2. The Style: Clothing

Comfort, weather conditions, protection, and personal style help determine what to wear for mountain biking. If you’re just starting, the best clothing is any athletic gear you already own, but as you progress, you’ll want clothing designed for the specific demands of this exhilarating sport.

Bike shorts are baggy to allow free range of movement, which is crucial when meeting the demands of technical trails. Features that improve the ride include moisture-wicking fabric, storage solutions, and reinforced impact zones. They are specially designed to provide comfort and support on your backside. Brands like Pearl Izumi, Fox Racing, and Shredly sell excellent mountain biking shorts for men and women. However, Hruby believes Shredly shorts are the best.  “They are extremely comfortable with great pockets to stash your stuff. Most Colorado “dirt divas” riding by are wearing Shredly shorts in a variety of fun colors and patterns.”

3. The Shoes: Pedal Preference

Choosing a mountain biking shoe depends on the type of pedal you prefer. Shoes like Five Ten are known for their sticky rubber soles that provide excellent traction on the pedals and the ground. They offer a range of styles, including flat-pedal and clipless shoes, in various materials and closure systems. In addition, Shimano sells a variety of mountain biking shoes for different riding styles and levels, with features such as sole stiffness, ventilation, and cleat compatibility. Cox likes Five Ten due to their recent partnership with Addidas. “ The fit is way better than it used to be.” Hruby seconds the nod to Five Ten. “The Five Ten Freerider is a very comfortable shoe that grips well.” She also enjoys Pearl Izumi Canyon shoes when utilizing her clipless pedals.

4. The Grip: Gloves

Mountain biking gloves provide grip and protection for your hands while helping absorb shock from rough terrain. In addition, they give the rider extra traction, helping them maintain control of their bike. Troy Lee Designs offers a range of gloves with advanced features like padding, protection, and touchscreen compatibility. In addition, Dakine sells gloves designed for different types of mountain biking, with features such as moisture-wicking materials and reinforced palms.

5. The Head: Helmets

A good quality helmet is essential for mountain biking. Look for a comfortable helmet that fits well and has plenty of ventilation to keep you cool. Helmets are a personal choice, but you can’t go wrong with brands like Giro, Bell, and Smith.

6. The Extras: Essentials

It’s vital to stay hydrated when mountain biking. Using a hip pack or hydration pack for longer rides makes it easy to carry water and other essentials on the trail. Look for a pack with a hydration bladder, plenty of storage space, and comfortable straps. Brands like CamelBak, Osprey, and Mission Workshop offer high-quality hydration packs for mountain biking. Dedicated mountain biker Jon Chesser prefers the Osprey Raptor pack for biking treks. “The Raptor was designed specifically for mountain biking, and I like that it has a rollout section at the bottom to hold all the bike tools you might need.”

Finally, don’t forget to pack tools, spare parts, and a pump for quick fixes on the trail. A small first aid kit is also good for accidents or injuries.

Investing in the right gear can make all the difference in enjoying mountain biking safely and comfortably. Visit your local bike shop or online retailer for quality bikes, safety gear, and clothing. Remember to practice good etiquette and safety tips. Enjoy the ride!

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