Pumpkin Season Is Here

Fall is the season of the pumpkin. These winter squashes make their way into home decor, creating cozy spaces. They are harvested for their delicious flavor and added to everything from lattes to muffins and pies. Yet, with all the excitement, we often overlook their tremendous health benefits. Pumpkins provide a range of essential minerals and vitamins and are an incredible fiber source. They are also one of the best-known sources of beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant. 

Ready to embrace the mighty pumpkin? We certainly are and have found three ways to help you get the most out of this delicious food.

1. Start Simple

The jack-o-lantern pumpkin is most often used for carving. It is edible, but the more petite sweet or sugar pumpkin variety is preferred for cooking and baking. Adding this vegetable to your meal planning is easy. The simplest way is to roast the pumpkin and serve it as a delightful side dish. The seeds can be roasted too and added to soups and salads, or you can have them on hand as a crunchy snack.

2. Try An Appetizer

If you’re ready to be more creative, try making a wonderful and healthy roasted pumpkin and spinach salad. This salad can work as a starter dish or a light meal. The various flavors and textures are what make it incredibly satisfying. If the cooler temperatures have you craving warm soup, try making a delicious, creamy pumpkin soup. The pumpkin flavor takes center stage in this dish and is elegant enough to serve at a dinner party. If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, serve this soup for lunch the next day and pair it with a sandwich or salad to round out the meal.

Photo courtesy of How Sweet Eats

3. Go For An Entree

Pumpkin and pasta are a delightful pairing. These pumpkin lasagna roll-ups with sage allow all the simple flavors to come through, creating the perfect comfort food for cooler nights and cozy gatherings. You could have leftovers to stretch into the week, depending on your appetite. Although, your guests may not resist a second helping. If you aren’t planning on serving guests soon, don’t hesitate to make these for yourself. Besides being delicious the day of, they freeze and reheat well, making meal planning a snap.

With these recipes and ideas, you may also eagerly await pumpkin season every year.

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