Brand Partner: Are Water Filters Really Worth It?

Giving your brunch guest a refreshing glass of water…keeping your family well hydrated…hiking with a bottle of clean water on a backpacking journey— we use water for everything and we consume water every day. Easy access to pure, healthier water makes life better. And when our water tastes great, hydrating becomes an activity to enjoy.

What is a Water Filter?

Water filters purify water by passing it, well…through filters. In simple terms, the filter is meant to block the bad things.


Typically, a filter is made of ceramic or fiberglass, and filters tend to move water through a filtration medium of either pumping, squeezing, sucking, or even gravity. Filters improve the taste and odor of water, and reduce the level of many chemical contaminants in drinking water. Tap water is free and pretty easy t access, but it contains small quantities of both good and bad substances. The good ones can be an appropriate quantity of disinfectant and tiny amounts of fluoride to assist in prevention of tooth decay. But, the bad ones? We are talking lead, arsenic, nitrates, and germs such as Cryptosporidium! Eeeek!

What Exactly Should You Look For In A Water Filter?

When looking for a portable water filter, there are several factors to consider.


It’s pointless to get a portable water filter that is difficult to transport when you travel or have a busy day on the go. Before selecting a model, you should always consider its weight. The majority of portable water filters are tiny and compact, although their weight varies depending on design, filtration technique, and construction materials.

Filtration Speed

The filtration flow rate is an important element to consider when purchasing a water filter. This will have a significant impact on the overall efficacy of the filtering system as well as the type of pollutants removed.

Pore Size

The pore size refers to the size of the small pores in the filter that allow water to pass through. The narrower the pores, the more pollutants are kept out.

Ease of Use

Is it light to carry? Does it require pre-filtering? Does it need a detailed installation? Heavy cleaning? The maintenance of a water filter should not be time-consuming or complicated.

Enter GOpure Pod - The Revolutionary Water Filter.

A few years ago, we recognized that tap water never really tasted good. It also wasn’t good for your body. We wanted better tasting water that was pure and portable – so we created GOpure Pod. Now, you can always have access to pure and fresh water on the go, regardless of where you go! Our filter is powered by an unlimited and renewable resource called diatomaceous earth (DE). It has been trusted by Mother Earth for over 20 million years. We think that’s proof of concept! 


Every Pod features an advanced ceramic core made from DE and trace silver that performs like a magnet to continuously attract, bind and adsorb every heavy metal, inorganic, bacteria, impure chemicals and more.


Even though it’s tiny, this water filter is quite mighty! The Pod will remove up to 99.99% of all impurities in the water.

The Pod keeps toxins, and contaminants out of your water (and out of your body) which is reason enough to use one! But, it gets even better as it also protects oceans and landfills from plastic pollution – in fact, just one Pod helps save Mother Earth from 2K plastic water bottles!

We GO Anywhere You GO.

Stay connected to pure water all day, every day. The Pod fits most any reusable water bottle and can also be used in coffee filters for fresher tasting coffee…or try dropping a Pod into your vases and help prolong the life of your flowers, room humidifiers, food storage and even your pet’s water dish.

Within the first two minutes of dropping your Pod into a bottle or container, your water becomes fresh tasting and ready to drink. The Pod will continuously purify your water, including every time you refill it. Give the Pod a try today for better tasing, healthier water. We developed an exclusive offer for TIMELESS members! 


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