Beth & Cheryl, 65: The Age-Defying Dancing Influencers!

Beth and Cheryl, two remarkable individuals in their 60s, have shared a profound bond of friendship for over a quarter of a century. They are not your typical best friends – they are content influencers, using their incredible dancing skills to spread a powerful message. These remarkable women have created a movement that defies societal norms and challenges the limitations placed on age. Through their captivating dance routines, they have shattered the stereotype that age is a barrier to pursuing one’s passion and having fun. Beth and Cheryl’s infectious energy and zest for life serve as an inspiration to people of all ages, reminding us of the true essence of friendship and the importance of embracing joy in every moment.

How old are you?

Cheryl: I am 65. How old are you, Beth?

Beth: I’m 65. Woo!

And how old do you both feel?

Cheryl: Um. Let’s see, I feel 40.

Beth: I sometimes feel 12, and then sometimes I feel around 40. That was a good age! Mentally, I’m 12.

What age did you both decide to become content creators?

Beth: We became content creators together at age 63!

And what made you want to start?

Cheryl: We were on the Grammys and we backed up DaBaby, who’s a rapper doing Rockstar. They had people of our age, and Trevor Noah was the host. And he said, “this is DaBaby and da baby boomers”. So we jumped on TikTok the day after the Grammys, right? And we did Rockstar, the Rockstar Challenge. And the rest is history.

Beth: And here, here we are!

How did it feel when your first video went viral?

Beth: We had no idea what we were doing. That’s the first thing.

Cheryl: Zero.

Beth: We were sitting here at this kitchen table and it started to go and we were like…

Cheryl: I think we got the giggles. I think we were laughing hysterically. What is this?

Beth: And wasn’t our family around too?

Cheryl: I think so, I think we were having dinner.

Beth: I think that they were so surprised. It’s like, what in the hey. So um, yeah, we were shocked.

Cheryl: Shocked

Beth: And in awe! Laughing and saying, what is this app?

How has it been since starting as a content creator?

Cheryl: Oh, it’s been great. It’s been fun. Lots of work. Because we don’t live together, so we have to make time to do it.

And how do you feel about the community, the community, the TikTok community?

Cheryl: I love the TikTok community. They have a big heart. I feel that we’re all friends. It’s you can connect very easily. What do you feel?

Beth: Yeah, I think, you know, we’ve we’ve learned a lot, that’s for sure. But we love our TikTok community. They all have supported us and have been really open and and welcoming.

Cheryl: That’s right. Mhm.

What did you both think of your current age when you were younger?

Beth: Um I thought they were old.

Cheryl: I didn’t think they were that old because I had a grandmother that lived to be 101. Wow. So I kept thinking, like, 90 is getting old.

Beth: I just never thought I’d be 65.

Cheryl: Whoever thinks that, but I’m glad we are!

Beth: Yeah, I am!

Do you feel like you were completely wrong in the way you thought?

Beth: Mm. Maybe. Well, I don’t know. My mom was always really fun. Even, you know, she was very lively. 65. She was 60. Partying it. So maybe I’ll take that back. I, you know, I thought people were party animals. They were partying and carrying on and running around the house. What was it… streaking? That’s right, it was back in the day of streaking!

Cheryl: Who was streaking?

Beth: People that would come to our house for parties. I was in high school. Yes so a little side note!

Cheryl: I never knew that one.

Have you both always loved dancing?

Beth: Yes

Cheryl: Yes. I started at age two and a half. And you started at?

Beth: She came out of the womb tapping, her father is a tap dancer teacher. I probably started around five.

Is there something that you would like to try to learn how to do now?

Cheryl: Mm. Cook.

Beth: That would be a good thing for you.

Cheryl: Teach me how to cook.

Beth: I would love to teach.

Cheryl: Let’s have cooking lessons with Beth.

Beth: I would love that. And I would love to learn a language either Italian or French. And I know French a little bit more than Italian. And I’ve always wanted to paint like Kelly, my son.

Cheryl: Um, you teach me to cook and we’ll paint.

Beth: Uh, maybe we can take a painting class together.

What is the biggest difficulty you find as a content creator?

Cheryl: I think finding time sometimes to be together. I think that because a lot of people that do it just singly can do it any time, day or night. We have to get on the phone. What time can you be here? Bring your clothes. Where are we going to meet?

Beth: She teaches all the time.

Cheryl: Dance.

Beth: Yeah. And I think the other thing that might apply to people of a certain age is also figuring everything out. Um, you know, we’re getting to the point where we’re actually going to hire somebody, but that might not be to our best brain ability if we do. But however, that that might be good.

What do you both do to maintain your health and energy as you get older?

Cheryl: Work out? I feel working out is really important.

Beth: We work out, we eat well. We think about, you know, being vital and and being busy and doing stuff that we love to do. Um, yeah, we get up every day and we’re both pretty positive people.

Cheryl: We are.

You both are so energetic and fun!

Cheryl: Thank you!

That’s not something easy to maintain for a lot of people.

Beth: Yeah, that’s well it is true.

Cheryl: You do have to eat well. Drink a lot of water.

Beth: A lot of water!

Do you have any advice for someone who is playing with the idea of becoming a content creator over 50 years old?

Beth: Yes. Do it!

Cheryl: Do it. Just jump right in.

Beth: Yeah. Don’t be afraid. Doesn’t matter, just post.

Cheryl: Say yes.

How would they go about starting?

Cheryl: Do your first video? Yeah.

Beth: Choose something that you love. If you’re a painter, paint something and talk about how you’re doing it.

Cheryl: And if you’re a cook, do a cooking show. A lot of people I’m learning. That’s why I want to cook, because I’m learning more things on TikTok.

Beth: A lot of people just set up the thing and start cooking and talking while they cook, and then they post.

Cheryl: And do lives. I think lives are fun. I mean, not everybody likes to do lives, but I think that’s another way to kind of get talk to your community.

Beth: Yeah, right. That’s right. But just, you know, take pictures of your grandkids, you know, and put those up, um, take pictures of flowers or whatever you may love.

Cheryl: Some people do travel. Yeah. And they go on a big, you know, they go.

Beth: Just write about it. It doesn’t have to be long and lengthy, but, um, take some pictures, put them up and right. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook. A lot of people our age are on Facebook.

Cheryl: They are.

Beth: But venture over to the Instagram and the TikTok.

Cheryl: That’s correct.

Beth: Well thank you, Timeless!

Cheryl: Thank you so much. Follow us at the Baby Boomers on Instagram TikTok. And we also are on Facebook and we have a YouTube channel.

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