Jane McCann, 57: Empowering Women Through Aging

Jane McCann, a 57-year-old blogger and influencer, has taken the internet by storm with her empowering message about aging, health, wellness, and menopause. With a focus on empowering women as they enter this significant stage in their lives, Jane’s message resonates with thousands as she advocates for embracing beauty and confidence with grace and stride. Through her blog and social media platforms, Jane has become a powerful voice for women navigating the journey of aging, inspiring her audience to embrace this new phase of life with vitality and empowerment

How old are you? And how old do you feel?

I’m 57 and I’ll be 58 in May. Some days I definitely feel my age but most days I’m feeling mid-40ish. 

What influenced you to become so invested into health and wellness? At what point did you realize you wanted to influence others positively?

I’ve lost both my parents to cancer and my sister too who was only 57 – the age I am now – when she passed from cancer. I’ve always valued fitness and eating well but have really made more of an effort since I turned 50.  

I just want other women to feel amazing and confident as they age, and it seems like people are happy to listen!

Jane McCann

What has been the biggest changes in your life since you started? 

Sleep was tricky for me during menopause, so I’ve worked hard on that. I’ve also been focusing on strength training and working with a fabulous female trainer who has been focusing on stability and mobility as well. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in all aspects of my life from doing that kind of training.

What is an example of a challenge that you have had to face yourself regarding aging that you overcame are possibly are still overcoming?

I was surprised at how quickly my body changed during menopause.  I constantly remind myself that we are meant to change – and if we get to do that what a gift – but I’m not going to lie…Sometimes it’s confronting!  Learning to love the softness in my body has really softened me in my mind as well.

What did you think of your current age when you were younger? Did you imagine that you would be feeling as you are now?

Oh I thought 50 was over the hill and 60, which is rapidly approaching, was ancient!  I never imagined that I would feel as well as I do now. That’s been a great discovery.

What would you say is the top 5 wellness tips you would give someone who is 50 or over to age the best way possible?

My top five tips are: movement, meditation, prioritising sleep, being involved in your community and laughter!

Is there something that you would like to try to learn how to do now? 

I’d still like to learn to surf!

What is a personal goal of yours? 

My goal this year is to begin to travel again. It’s been a long time since I traveled overseas: kids, work, life all became a priority. This year I’m heading to India, Indonesia and Greece. I’m so excited!

What would you say are some tips into mental health tips especially during the colder and harsher months of the years? 

I love a cold mid-winter dip in the ocean to shift my mood. I always say you never regret a swim and that still applies in winter. Nourish your body.  Connect with your community. Find the fun!

Do you have any specific brands that you find are the best? Can be for vitamins, skin care, athletic gear, etc. 

Some of the brands I love include: Dharma Bums for active wear, Brondie Shampoo for keeping my silvers silver, Inner States for all my essential oils, Love Tea for all my herbal teas, Osmosis supplements to keep my rosacea skin happy and also The Beauty Chef to keep me tip top on the inside. I think they’re mainly Aussie brands!

In conclusion, Jane McCann’s impact as a blogger and influencer has been nothing short of remarkable. Her dedication to empowering women through her candid discussions about aging, health, wellness, and menopause has sparked a movement of positivity and self-acceptance among her followers. Jane’s genuine and uplifting approach serves as a guiding light for women entering this transformative stage of life, reminding them that they can embrace their beauty and stride with confidence. To stay inspired and connected with Jane’s empowering message, follow her on Instagram @themiddleagedgoddess and join the community of women embracing their best selves at any age.

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